'Catastrophic flood' warning for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is bracing for the full impact of Hurricane Fiona as the huge storm prepares to make landfall.

Canada bracing for Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona is pounding the Atlantic island of Bermuda with heavy rain and winds as it tracks northward toward eastern Canada, where it threatens to become one of the most severe storms in Canadian history.

Approaching storm may delay launch try for NASA moon rocket

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — An approaching storm threatens to delay NASA’s next launch attempt for its new moon rocket, already grounded for weeks by fuel leaks.

NASA's Mars rover captures meteroids strikes

NASA’s Mars rover has captured the vibrations and sounds of four meteoroids striking the planet’s surface.

The AP Interview: Pakistani leader details flood devastation

Flooding likely worsened by climate change has submerged one-third of Pakistan’s territory and left 33 million of its people scrambling to survive, according to Pakistan’s prime minister, who says he came to the United Nations this year to tell the world that “tomorrow, this tragedy can fall on some other country.”

Chinese astronauts take spacewalk

Chinese astronauts have taken a spacewalk to work on the country’s new space station modules.

Thousands flee in face of Japan typhoon

Typhoon Nanmadol is pounding Japan with power blackouts and transport links hit while thousands have been forced to flee.