Marilyn Monroe fascination comes to Netflix with ‘Blonde’

Marilyn Monroe has been dead for almost 60 years, but there is still a kind of madness around her that remains. Just look at the frenzied discourse around “Blonde,” an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ fictional portrait of the Hollywood star that has yet to be seen by the general public.

Hollywood’s iconic sign gets big paint job before its 100th anniversary

The famous Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles is getting a facelift just ahead of its 100th anniversary, with each of the massive letters receiving a
new coat of paint.

Grand Theft Auto new game leaked

The makers of Grand Theft Auto say they are “extremely disappointed” after details of the next instalment in the series were leaked.

Serial podcast: Adnan Syed's murder conviction overturned

Adnan Syed, the subject of the US true crime podcast Serial, has had his murder conviction overturned.

Sentimental music for the Queen's funeral

Music that highlighted some of Queen Elizabeth’s happiest moments have been played at her state funeral service in London.

Henry Silva, last of Ocean's Eleven originals, dies

Prolific American character Henry Silva, the last surviving cast member from the original Rat Pack film Ocean’s Eleven, has died at the age of 95.

Sex Pistols respond to Lydon 'Queen cash-in' claims

The Sex Pistols have said they “cannot understand” why former bandmate John Lydon is claiming the band has ”cashed in” on the death of the Queen.